Mark Andreas Interviewed on The Art of Charm

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This month I’m posting the link to an hour-long interview I did with Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm. This is the first time NLP has been a topic on Jordan’s show. As he says in his intro to the show:

“I am a skeptic when it comes to this stuff… I really don’t know how much of it is baloney and how much isn’t’, so I don’t necessarily endorse it [NLP], but I did give it a chance, and there are some useful concepts that come as a result.”

I had a great time sharing with Jordan about my background and perspective on NLP. We covered a load of topics such as:

  • Why experiences are so much more important than words.
  • The well-formed outcome: what is it and why does it matter?
  • Why making an emotion magically disappear isn’t good for us.
  • The power of improv.
  • How to test and explore if a technique is right for you.
  • And so much more!

Listen to the full interview with Mark Andreas here.

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After you listen, let me know what you think.

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  • Bebo
    Posted at 20:55h, 14 December Reply

    1. I’ve heard of some who go through one prvitae session and never smoke again. I found one local therapist who does it, but at 5-8 sessions. Why would you need so many sessions?2. Of course I want to quit smoking but the want is not there in my head (smokers should understand my meaning) If I am not mentally prepared, if the want is not there in my head, will hypnosis still be beneficial to quit smoking?

    • Markus8
      Posted at 16:37h, 15 January Reply

      Hi Bebo,
      1. Often smoking fulfills multiple needs or perceived needs, so it’s important to work with all of them and this usually takes more than one session, though it can be as fast as one session if the person is really ready to change.

      2. The want doesn’t have to be in your head, but it is important to want to stop if you’re going to attempt it. Afterall, why would you subject yourself to something you don’t want? ; ). I wonder what would happen if over the next few days you notice how your experience changes when you pay attention to the want in your body as you continue to smoke?

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