What Clients Are Saying:

“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Mark. He has helped me to work with my son who could not go to school for a year due to anxiety. We have tried many other therapists, psychiatrists and life coaches who are either not helpful or make his condition worse. Mark’s strategies are so unique, supportive and very helpful to support our families. With his help, my son took a big step and started going to school again and became more mentally stable and responsible. And as parents we no longer feel so desperate and so helpless as before. It is much easier to stay calm and get through the occasionally difficult days. We understand it is a long way to support my son’s recovery, but now with Mark’s useful strategies we feel more confident he will get better and better. Thank you Mark for all your great support!”
~ Michelle W
“MUCH improved! Thanks so much! I’m noticing a big difference in many areas, with a new sense that I kind of have a right to occupy space and take up oxygen – lol!”

“We had a session where we worked on transforming an inner belief of ‘I’m such a loser.’ After the session I had some very dramatic shifts. Things felt different. There was a kind of manic energy the first few days after our session; I mean like non-stop singing/chatting/dancing. Fun but tiring, or just not used to it. Since then things have smoothed out more. Emotionally I’ve been clearer — whether pleasant emotions or not, I’m noticing and naming them faster. TV watching has stopped basically without trying, which before was a major problem for me staying up too late. I’ve also gone to bed when I want to. I’ve had one or two late nights, because I was out, or was up reading—both felt like good choices. There was even a habit I hadn’t mentioned that I stopped doing, and when I tried doing it as an experiment I couldn’t. It’s pretty crazy. I’m still wrapping my head around it all. I’ve never experienced a change like this. Just such a rapid shift that changed my feeling and behavior. Now it’s been a month since that session and the changes have stuck”

“For a long time I had tried to solve certain problems in my life and I have had many coaches trying to help me. Some coaches had the habit that every time something didn’t work as they hoped, they reframed it as being the client’s fault, and as the result I became very unsure about my ability to change anything in my life. I also became afraid to ask for help with the changes that I wanted, because I was sure that I would spoil everything with my stupidity no matter how good the coach was. However, at some point I read a book by Steve Andreas that made me realize that I have certain self-concepts that I need to change. Inspired by the book I contacted Mark and we agreed to have a session. The first thing we did was using a Core Transformation exercise in order to handle my fear that there is nothing that can help me with my issues. That made me feel a lot more comfortable doing further exercises. After that we worked on my self-concept of being stupid and built a self-concept of being smart instead. I think that was the most important change for me. As a result of that change, I have been able to solve myself most of the problems that I used to have before. With many of those problems I already knew what I need to do in order to solve them, but I didn’t do anything about them because I was afraid that I would spoil it with my stupidity anyway. However, after working with Mark, I have been able to do what I think is the right thing to do and I now feel a lot more resourceful with my life.”
“I have had a couple of sessions before this one with Mark. He has just with his presence allowed some of my deepest hurts come to the front. My deeper self trusts his presence I think! I ended up working with my issue of extreme tiredness (chronic fatigue). Mark asked me where is the part that is tired/no energy. As I went in, instantly it came up as my whole left side was dead, heavy and dark—no life there. Another visual of me being in a dark tunnel carrying a dead body on my left side came up….the Metaphor was right there, and it felt that I had been carrying the dead body for a long time and it made moving very difficult , I was tired . Mark worked with Core Transformation and guided me to my core state. My whole left side that was dark and heavy lit up and LIFE was there now. We looked back at the metaphor. There was just the skin of the dead body there and I was standing there with it at my foot. I have been energetic and “full of life” since then. I am looking to exercise in different forms, My relationship with my spouse and kids and people around has more life in it now. I eat moderately and can go without the afternoon 2-hour nap which was essential to go through the evening since my childhood. I now sleep at 11.00pm rather than the usual 9.00pm . I now can do so much more than I did earlier…..yay !! Thanks a Ton Mark …you are the best.”
~Deepa, Houston TX
“I wanted to let you know that the sessions worked great! I was able to shift my attitude, feeling more relaxed and stopped getting so angry. Also, my feelings towards my brother are better now, I still believe I need time and distance, but it has definitively improved. That combined with the fact that I no longer feel attached to the company gives me peace about the future. With my parents even better, I completely dropped the angry attitude towards them and that has been so important, I feel so close to them again. Thank you for helping me through this process!!”
~Andrea, Venezuela
“A session with Mark is such an amazing journey. Thanks to Mark’s guidance I have been able to transform very old limiting beliefs about myself and my potential. What I love about the sessions is the powerful rapport state Mark is able to create that made me feel incredibly comfortable even when I faced the most uncomfortable “monsters” I buried in my past. Mark is there for you along all the session until you reach the very core of your personal discoveries.”
~Dario, Malta
After a session working on her fear of traveling and booking travel, Martina wrote: “It has been good! I booked for this summer and for another experience in the forest :). Really happy. I told my mom the session was really useful and I feel it’s working a lot and I’m so satisfied and positive!” 6 months later Martina wrote me with further follow-up: “I’ve been to South Africa and the holiday was amazing. First of all thanks to the session we had together, I was NEVER afraid. I felt at ease with myself and my limits and I pursued whatever I felt to. I thought about you when I was there because it was the first time I experienced totally no fear, and it was for our session :D.”
~Martina, Rome
“Wow : ) thanks I almost finished it this afternoon. This is the one [painting] I procrastinated for almost 5 months!!!!! : )” Two months later she added: “Thanks, I’ve been doing some really excellent work over the last two months. I’m very pleased and relieved.”
~Dawn, Hawaii
“I haven’t had a coffee since we spoke so the parts integration worked a treat. I feel in a good space and have made some good shifts in my daily routine as well as improving my productivity and overall sense of well being. Thanks again for your help with this.”
~Gary, Switzerland
“I wanted to personally tell you how much I appreciated your instruction. I wouldn’t mind taking the workshop again next weekend! There is no way to describe the feeling of surprise and delight in reaching a core state rapidly through a short verbal process—descending down the rabbit hole into an inner world of peace or oneness or love. Mark Andreas’ instruction was perfect. He was easy to follow and his manner compassionate. I would recommend the Core Transformation workshop to anyone!”
~Nina, participant in Austin TX Core Transformation Training
“Most of my adult life I struggled with anxiety that would cause me to sweat in social situations. After two sessions with Mark, it was almost hard to believe how seamless the change was. In place of the anxiety I now have a natural confidence, and instead of sweating I actually enjoy myself in groups! After two months, the change has really held, and we’re focusing on other goals.”
~ Eric, Indianapolis IN
“Working with Mark was a deeply profound experience that left me with a harmonious sense of self which I hadn’t felt for a long time. I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a path to inner peace.”
~ Nick K, Denver CO
“Core Transformation has changed my life! After many years of talk therapy that did nothing, I am amazed at the dramatic shift I’ve had not only in the areas you and I worked on, but other areas of my life as well. I am finding troubled relationships suddenly improving. It has been an empowering experience. Thank you so much Mark for your gentle persistence and great patience.”
~ Annonymous
“Mark really helped me with a long-term issue, all in one session. He also helped me learn how to work with similar issues in the future by teaching me a very helpful technique.”
~ Will Murray, Boulder CO
“I had been having dangerously high blood pressure for several months, along with a lifetime of anxiety resulting from being abused as a child. My systolic blood pressure would spike between 190 and 210 nearly every afternoon requiring an emergency medication (Clonindine) in addition to what I was already taking (Labetolol). Traditional medicine and other disciplines were obviously not working and I decided to contact an NLP practitioner. Fortunately, that person was Mark! For the last 5 weeks, my systolic reading has averaged 146 and continues to improve. I haven’t needed the emergency med at all. The old anxiety has been transformed into a sense of calm physically, emotionally and spiritually. NLP has been an effective and elegant way to look with respect at coping mechanisms that are no longer useful and to reveal new ways to live a healthier, more peaceful and productive life. Mark is an intuitive, intelligent, kind and very skilled practitioner. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”
~Diane Roehl, Estes Park CO
“Such an incredible session, very much connected to my soul purpose. Feeling the universe expanding has really helped me feel things deeper than I have known them. In particular, I woke up Sunday and realized the depth of my thoughts… they are expanding constantly just like the universe. This is like a concept I have known for years, ‘your thoughts create your reality,’ yet feeling the expansion within my own body really helped bring clarity in my connection to the divine. What I felt was different, it is that with each thought it is like a ripple effect in a pond, however the ripple runs through the entire universe!  After the session I asked more questions on the way home, which all were promptly answered. I really liked your questions during the session that prompted the amazing experience. I do notice that in a earthly body, I must combine the spiritual soul purpose and physical parts of life together… this is challenging at times. I am open to the curiosity of how I will connect these parts together. It all makes sense to me and the answers have been given, now to implement! I appreciate your deep work with me and it is nice to know that if needed you are available in the future. You have helped me profoundly.”
~Susan, Lafayette CO
“Let me say that working with you was an honor and I think you are very skilled, professional and effective. Your manner and personal style make it very easy to feel relaxed and receptive. I like that you are playful and humorous and there is no doubt I got results from the time we spent together. I’ve noticed in general a more relaxed and ‘at ease’ sense of myself. And I actually talked to someone a couple weeks ago about the possibility of a job. That was interesting because the idea of being out of the house all day and working has not been a happy thought for me for a number of years now. I plan to test my imaginary boundaries far more regularly and tenaciously. There’s a kind of excitement I haven’t felt for a while. Working with you has been very helpful and I have a strong sense that I will be noticing more changes as the weeks go by. I’m certain of it. I would highly recommend you to others if I should have that opportunity and I may come calling on you again myself in the future.”
~ Glenn Taylor, Victoria B.C. CA
“Although I was skeptical at first, Mark helped me resolve a long-time phobia of centipedes. I was surprised and happy to find that the quick, easy, and painless session had a real effect on me. Just the thought of a centipede used to make me cringe, or keep me up at night. Now I have a useful wariness in place of the old fear.”
~ Connor Moss, Boulder CO