What is NLP?

NLP expands Life Coaching with a whole range of methods and guided processes based on understanding the STRUCTURE of human experience. With this knowledge we can achieve rapid and lasting transformation of a wide range of problems and life issues. After as little as one or two sessions you will usually already begin to experience results.

Many traditional counseling methods are emotionally taxing, pushing you to go places you don’t want to go. With NLP we can achieve results not only quickly but comfortably. If you don’t want to, you don’t even need to share anything about a painful past experience in order to transform the WAY it affects you NOW. In fact, many NLP processes work just as easily and even more quickly when we don’t spend extra time on what happened. It frees up attention for HOW you experience the world internally NOW, and how you’d like to change that. I will work with you, respecting your needs so we can most easily attain your goals.

Many traditional counseling methods also presume a given theory from the outset, imposing a cookie-cutter approach that can take years without any way of knowing if something useful is happening. NLP is based on what works, offering elegant ways of understanding each person’s map of the world so we can arrive at solutions that fit uniquely for you. In NLP we realize that you are the ultimate authority on your experience, and I’ll ask you to clue me in. I’ll also ask you about your goals and how you’ll know when you’ve achieved them. This way we can both have immediate feedback about what really works for you and what doesn’t, keeping us on track to achieve lasting solutions.

In a session, I will begin by getting to know what your goals are, and exploring a bit HOW you have done things up until now. Based on what we learn, I will most likely guide you through a specific NLP process, and may also offer some education or assignments for home. Before coming to see me you may ask, what is one of the first things I want? Let’s start there and then move to what comes next. Often the first change has unexpected benefits that cascade into other areas of life, or provide clarity about the next important shift you would like to make. There’s no need to decide everything you want before we begin.


I look forward to getting to know your world, and assisting you in discovering more choices in it.