Creative Conflict Resolution with Mark Andreas

Contact me if you would like me to present this for your group. Can be anywhere from a 1/2 hour presentation, to a 3-hour interactive workshop

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Stories as a Tool for Creative Conflict Resolution
with Mark Andreas

Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree_Mark_Andreas_Boulder_CO“She awoke from a deep sleep to a strange man kicking in the door to her bedroom. She couldn’t imagine him waiting patiently while she reached under her pillow for her gun. In a moment of fear and courage, she took an unusual action that she believes saved her life, steering them both away from the violent ending that seemed inevitable…”

Listen as I begin by sharing from my book “Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree” a collection of true stories of how people resolved intense conflict in creative and surprising ways most of us would never think of. Because metaphor is highly-effective in accessing the unconscious mind (and all stories are complex metaphors), these stories offer an incredible resource for change out of conflict. Many readers have spontaneously changed their behavior after reading this book. Come have a great time finding out how you can use these stories as effective tools with your friends, families, co-workers, and even complete strangers, and also as a doorway to gaining more behavioral flexibility yourself.

Watch a video of me reenacting one of the stories here: